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    Happy Valentine's Day

    Last updated 4 years ago

    Happy Valentine's Day from Midwest Estate Buyers!

    Discover Great Gold-Selling Advice By Reading Through These Articles

    Last updated 4 years ago

    Selling your gold has become a popular way to earn extra money and take advantage of the market. In order to stay informed, read the following resources for helpful information regarding what is involved in investing in and selling your gold. Midwest Estate Buyers is a respected and established buyer of fine jewelry. Call us today at (317) 733-0099 to learn about the coolest place in Indy to buy and sell jewelry!

    To get a better idea of how much your old jewelry is worth, calculate the pennyweight of your gold items using these steps from provides some great suggestions on why you should consider selling your gold sooner rather than later.

    Check out the current market prices for gold, silver, and platinum by heading to

    If you are interested in investing in gold, learn about the American Eagle Bullion from

    ABC News provides you with some helpful advice to consider when selling your gold.

    The Benefits of Selling Your Old Jewelry and Gold

    Last updated 4 years ago

    The economy has been tough in recent years; however, you can easily put some extra money in your pocket by selling your old jewelry and gold. Midwest Estate Buyers gives you the best prices for your gold and silver jewelry, which means that you can soon enjoy the following advantages:

    Earn Money Quickly

    Everyone can use some extra money. If you are trying to pay off your credit card or purchase a new item you’ve had your eyes on, selling your old jewelry can help provide a solution to your problems. Midwest Estate Buyers can appraise your items and send you home with some extra cash.

    Remove Unwanted Items

    Some jewelry you own may have sat in your jewelry drawer for years simply because it is broken. In addition, you may have items that you don’t wear because they bring you emotional pain. You can get a head start on your spring cleaning by removing old items and making room for pieces that you will actually wear and maintain.

    Transform Your Collection

    Like fashion, many pieces of jewelry quickly become outdated. Treat yourself to an accessory upgrade by sorting through your jewelry and bringing your old items into Midwest Estate Buyers for appraisal. You can then use the money you earn to purchase current and attractive items from our beautiful selection of fine jewelry.

    Many businesses offer to buy your old jewelry and gold, but friendly customer service and years of experience sets Midwest Estate Buyers apart. Not only that, but we are also the coolest place in Indy to buy and sell jewelry! Bring your jewelry and small items in for a free appraisal today. Check us out online to learn more about our services, or give us a call if you have any questions at (317) 733-0099.

    A Look at the Different Types of Gold Bullion

    Last updated 4 years ago

    If you are thinking about including gold in your financial portfolio, you should know that a commodity like gold can help preserve and protect your purchasing wealth. Gold is a safe investment to you in troubled economic times. Here is a look at the different types of gold bullion:

    Gold Bullion Bars

    Gold bullion bars can be acquired throughout the world and are available in different sizes and weights. Furthermore, these bars are easy to weigh and, as a result, the most common type of gold bullion used for investment purposes. At the same time, while you will earn a very efficient return on gold bars weighing 400 ounces or less, it is not as efficient to invest in light bars as it is to invest in heavy bars. However, since it is not convenient to own heavy gold bars, efficient investment in gold bars may be an intangible possibility for some people. 

    Gold Bullion Coins

    Gold coins are the most commonly owned type of gold bullion. Like gold bars, they are also produced throughout the world. In contrast, coins are much more convenient investments. They are available in different designs and, for the most part, various sizes. Additionally, the international mints that produce these coins guarantee their quality. As a result, owning an American Eagle Bullion or a Chinese Panda Gold coin is a secure and accessible investment for the majority of people.

    If you are ready to sell your gold bullion coins, gold and silver jewelry, or other small items, Midwest Estate Buyers will give you great service and a fair price. You will enjoy stopping into the coolest place in Indy to buy and sell jewelry! For more information on our buying and selling services, check out our website or give us a call today at (317) 733-0099.

    How to Identify a Gold Coin

    Last updated 4 years ago

    Gold is a popular commodity, and you may be considering investing in gold coins. However, how do you know that a gold coin is worth the selling price and that it will be a good investment?

    Before you pay for any gold coin, be sure that you understand exactly what it is you are buying, so you are not setting yourself up for a loss. This video gives you great tips you can use to accurately identify gold coins, so you can be confident in purchasing and selling gold items.

    Midwest Estate Buyers provides unique and high-quality items. If you are considering selling or purchasing gold coins, stop into the coolest place in Indy to buy and sell jewelry! Learn more about our complimentary appraisal service by calling (317) 733-0099.

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